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Carbon Trader Contact Database


2,500 contacts, from 45 countries across the world


This recently updated database contains the contact details of more than 2,500 carbon traders working for banks, brokerages and carbon trading houses from all over the world. This unique database, designed for carbon market professionals, is a "must-have" for your marketing campaigns, and will help you developing your network of clients and partners.

For each contact, the following information is supplied:

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Country
  • Address (city, street, postcode)
  • 1 valid email address (tested recently)
  • 2 phone numbers
  • Fax number


Product specifications:

  • 1 Excel file
  • 2,500 contacts
  • List of countries covered: 28 EU countries, United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Serbia, Chile, Israël, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands
  • Recently updated

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How to order

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