World Carbon Market Database

Aviation ETS Database


1,300 airline companies from 100 countries


The aviation sector has entered the EU emissions trading scheme since 1 January 2012.


The Aviation ETS Database includes:

  • List of the 5,500 aircraft operators to be originally included into the trading scheme
  • List of the 1,300 aircraft operators currently included into the trading scheme
  • List of the 30 EU administering States with corresponding aircraft operators
  • List of the 100 states from all the world with corresponding originated aircraft operators
  • Carbon allowance (EUAA) freely allocated to airline companies
  • CO2 emissions of airlines
  • CERs and ERUs used for compliance by airlines
  • Contact details of aircraft operators (address, telephone, email)




In 2012, airline companies received 85% of yearly emission allowance issuance free of charge and the rest 15% were sold on public auctions. European Commission allows aviation companies to submit compliance emission allowances also in form of EUA emission allowances or up to 15% in form of CER or ERU emission allowances.



ETS Aviation Company Rankings


Carbon Market Data publishes every year the ETS Aviation Company Rankings .

The first ETS Aviation Company Rankings was published in 2013 and includes data for the year 2012:


ETS Aviation Company Rankings 2012 (Download the full press release)